Leonardo Da Vinci said that “a painting should show mental events through the physical gestures of the figures in it.”


I took this statement as the starting point for this project-process I have called “Uprootedness”.


I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to explore solitude, perhaps as an observer or with an autobiographical bias, yet without seeking answers, just merely to “point out” a path.


In these “mental events” in which the words can change but not the motives, I give myself over completely, step by step, to the process in which I have worked on this suspended story for many years.


It is a story full of tragic, forced “uprootedness” that takes place in our society at the same time as other self-inflicted forms of uprootedness which, in any case, produce the same sense of disorientation of the individual and his vulnerability.


With “Uprootedness” I do not wish to shout, but rather to whisper, without making any gratuitous use of the tragedy in everyday realities that can go unnoticed due to saturation. I do not use solitude as a romantic component of a “noisy” or theatrical “I”.


I approach this project with invisible strategies, with new technologies and classical disciplines to speak of crowded solitude, endeavouring to give myself perspective, and the distance is such that at times I am part of the observed, like yet another element, an echo of what is happening around us.


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